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Perceval Landon

(1869 - 1927)

Perceval Landon was a British author and journalist known for his work as a correspondent for "The Times" during the early 20th century. Educated at Hertford College, Oxford, Landon developed his literary skills, which he later channeled into his professional endeavours in journalism and writing. His contributions included detailed coverage of the British expedition to Tibet in 1903-04, an event which cemented his reputation as a keen observer and articulate reporter.

Aside from journalism, Landon's literary works also encompass ghost stories, the most famous of which is "Thurnley Abbey," a chilling tale included in the anthology "Ghost Stories of an Antiquary" by M.R. James, who was a friend of Landon. Landon's penchant for the supernatural elements in his stories reflect the Victorian fascination with gothic and eerie narratives.

Although Perceval Landon's name might not be instantly recognisable in the modern literary landscape, his contributions to early 20th-century journalism and literature provided a distinct voice and perspective. His travelogue on Tibet is considered an important historical document, and his ghost stories continue to entertain readers who enjoy a foray into the supernatural.

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