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Peter Christen Asbjornsen

(1812 - 1885)

Round the Yule-Log: Christmas in Norway

A soldier spends Christmas Eve away from home and finds comfort in the stories and company of two old maids. He eventually receives a surprise visit from his father's man and returns home for a...

26 min read · Rating: PG · Read story


Five childless goodies find a big goose-egg and hatch a gosling. The gosling turns out to be a greedy and ugly creature named Grumblegizzard. Grumblegizzard goes on various adventures, including...

21 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

A poor husbandman's daughter is taken by a White Bear to a castle where she must break a curse to be with her true love, the Prince.

22 min read · Rating: PG · Read story

The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body

A king's seven sons set off to woo princesses, but forget to bring back a bride for their youngest brother. The youngest son, Boots, sets off to find them and encounters a raven, a salmon, and a...

14 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

The Lad Who Went to the North Wind

A young lad encounters the North Wind who takes his meal. He seeks out the North Wind to get it back and receives a magical cloth, a ram that makes money, and a stick that can beat people. He faces...

6 min read · Rating: PG · Read story