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Three Thousand Grumbling Whales

Ride with me herds of blue-backed wonders
Arms akimbo, loosed through foamy mouths of white tips.
Cursing haughty bands of sea bandits,
Their suck-salt-tasting buds of madness.

Mermaids sly-smiling hysteria, languishing to the waist
In shallow lagoons, sweet playing harps of death.
Stealth carrion-riders of the underworld
Shielding them for long-days in Davy Jones’ Locker.

Tawny eyed shrimps celebrate, play loud the tymps.
Old man skate plays a requiem upon the golden gate,
Hail! Hail! Three thousand grumbling whales, bass proud
As Welsh miners in a fury crowd.

Follow loud. As the crowd rides the waves.
The octipi…cheer in murky caves
While bad man shark holds back, 
As the cool black catfish asks for a light.