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Vicki Doronina

I am a wordsmith, I write texts.

Funny texts, scientific and pop-scientific texts, web-site copy, captions, slogans.

For a long time, I was ashamed of my ability. I thought that writing is the least substantial of all crafts. Everybody can speak, but only a few can draw, or knit or bake bread well.

But recently I thought about Gustav Klimt's three paintings -Philosophy, Medicine, and Jurisprudence.To cut a long story short, they are destroyed and only their description remains. An artifact only exists as one, vulnerable to entropy and malice, object. Words are waves, air waves at best, but they multiply and persist.

My writing covers a range of subjects, from European news to science and technology. My columns appeared in the US magazines The Scientist and Science, I am a regular contributor to the molecular biology website BiteSizeBio. The crowning achievement so far is e-book "The Bitesize Bio Guide to Protein Expression".

I am also a proud translator of the award-winning short movie samulel-613.

2011 Wikimedia Community Fellow, I am an active participant in Wikimedia Movement and generally interested in Web 2.0, especially internet-based nonprofit organisations.

Short Stories member since April 2019
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