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Zora Neale Hurston

(1891 - 1960)

Mother Catherine

One must go straight out St. Claude below the Industrial Canal and turn south on Flood Street to almost to the Florida Walk to see Mother Catherine's tent. I spent two weeks with Mother, and she...

12 min read · Rating: G · Read story

John Redding Goes to Sea

John Redding was a queer child who loved to wander down to the water's edge and scold the weeds. He went to high school at the county seat where none of the villagers went. John married Stella...

30 min read · Rating: PG-13 · Read story

The Gilded Six-Bits

Missie May was bathing herself in the galvanized washtub in the bedroom when the man behind the jasmine darted to the chinaberry tree. She gave chase for several minutes. Joe smiled indulgently and...

24 min read · Rating: PG · Read story