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12 min read

Autumn Starlings


He sat on the bench. Their bench. And watched the birds. And remembered.

2 min read

Bad Mexican Food

She looked at me with wonderful blue eyes.

30 min read

The Salt Gets in Mr. Valens’ Eyes


The target, the target. I had little to go on.

5 min read

The Coyote and the Strange Thing

There is a bleached skeleton that holds no marrow

12 min read

Leaving Bill

Truda paused at the gate and tried to calm her racing heart.

25 min read

The Replica


If there was anyone in the world who wasn’t cursed, it was Sam.

18 min read

Saving Lives


Not for the first time, the solution came to him in the middle of the night

4 min read



Your thoughts trek to all the points of the compass, but still that twist eludes you

10 min read


Ideas. That was what it was all about and all it was about

17 min read

Notes on Preserving Beech Leaves, 2001-2003


I am looking at something I thought mine alone...a beech leaf, brittle and brown now.

16 min read


"I love you, Martha, but you break things. You're breaking us."

14 min read

Red, Yellow and Purple

But in my head that summer before we moved into the town was yellow and purple and red and supremely happy